Desiderata of Thesis Writing (a parody)

By: elmie lynn


  • Go placidly amid the subjects educational research and statistics and remember what correlation there may be in thesis writing.
  • As far as possible without bias, be on equal and ethical terms with your respondents.
  • Construct your questionnaire objectively and clearly, and listen to critiques, even the cynical and sarcastic, they too have their input.
  • Avoid extraneous and intervening variables, they are threats to internal validity.
  • If you compare your problems and null hypotheses with others, you may become vain and bitter for always there will be historical, descriptive, experimental, comparative, and causal comparative researches more or less comprehensive than yours.
  • Enjoy your review of related literature, as well as your instrumentation.
  • Keep interested in your report, however time consuming. It is an authentic credential of accomplishment in the critical requirements of academic life.
  • Exercise randomization in your sampling techniques, fora very large or too small a population may result into more probability of errors.
  • (But) Let this not limit you to what statistical measures you may employ. You may find the following reliable, factor analysis, ANOVA, chi-square, correlation –coefficient, Rho, ranking, measures of central tendencies, standard deviation, frequency distribution, etc. (You may opt for qualitative research instead)
  • Be selective yourself
  • Especially do not feign computer data analysis, neither be ignorant about the computer, and the internet, for in the face of all modern technology and multi-media advancement, they are indispensable as electricity.
  • Take kindly the counsel of the experts and advisers gracefully surrendering the delimitations of the amateur.
  • Nurture strength of documentation to defend you from sudden interrogation, but do not distress yourself with statistical treatment, grammatical and typos many statisticians and editors are ready to help you in your confusion and weariness (through SPSS and grammarly).
  • Beyond a wholesome research design be honest with yourself.
  • You are a student of your school, no less than the points in the distribution of a normal curve or the scatter plots in a linear regression. You have the degrees of freedom to be dependent and determined.
  • And whether or not it is significant to you, no doubt your proposal has been approved as it should.
  • Therefore, be serious with your thesis, whatever you conceptualize it to be, and whatever your labors in data gathering from schools, libraries, offices, or the streetsin the midpoint of the noise and pollution of the city, keep pace with your study.
  • With all its revisions, time constraints, and exorbitant expenditures. It is still a fruitful work.
  • Be grateful (Thank God).
  • Strive to be healthy.

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