The Games

(Parody of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Bells”)

By: Eugyne Rei Fiedacan

See the children with the games

Video games!

What a world of enjoyment their playing proclaims!

How they mingle, mingle, mingle,

In the noisy air of night!

With the screens that seem to sparkle

All the titles that they marvel

With the wondrous tint for sight

Wasting time, time, time

In a daze they commit crime

To the discombobulation that the parents all blame

On the games, games, games, games

Games, games, games—

On the blinking and the flashing of the games

Hear the gunshots in the games,

Action games!

What a dark world of bloodshed their playing now proclaims!

Through the chilling air of night

How they yell out their delight

From the easy Pentakill

And all join in

With all the noobs that they grill

On the widescreen display they stare, oh the thrills

For the win!

Oh, the gamers call out names

To the noobies with poor aims

In the winning and the losing

Of the games, games, games

Of the games, games, games, games,

Games, games, games—

In the starting and the ending of the games

Now in come the brand new games

Online games

What an array of possibilities they exclaim!

To the people of the night

How they talk about their plight

Of the game invitations

Filling notifications

To the brim

Annoying the netizens who don’t really participate

In all the online games that their friends try to initiate

Sending invites, invites, invites

Wasting lots of kilobytes

For they all will just be ignored

Maybe we’ll try it when bored

But sometimes we try on a whim

Oh, the games, games, games!

We should scrutinize their claims

Of Grandeur!

How they blink, and blank, and load!

How slow they are to download

On a slow computer and slow Internet!

Yet a gamer always knows

By the farming

And the grinding

How your main character grows

Yet a gamer often aims

With leveling

And the gearing

And the rescuing of dames

By the thrilling or the cheering in the power of the games.

Of the games

Of the games, games, games, games,

Games, games, games—

In the glory and the honor in the games.

Hear the calling of the games,

VR games!

What a massive upgrade the real gamers will truly acclaim!

In the silence of the night

How we shiver in delight

At the prospect of the future games to play

Virtual Reality

Coming for you and me

In a day

And the children—ah, the children

They that play all day unbidden


And who playing, playing, playing

In an unrelenting way

Front of the game console staying

Nothing getting in their way

They are neither man nor woman,

They are neither brute nor human,

They are Pros,

And the GM is their king

And he brings, brings, brings


New fixes for the games

No lagging is what he claims

With new updates for the games

And your Internet, he blames

Wasting time, time, time,

And losing your every dime

In the buying of the games

Of the games

Wasting time, time, time

In a sort of Runic rhyme

To the sharing of the games

Of the games, games, games—

To the caring for the games

Wasting time, time, time

As he names, names, names,

Other games to kill your time

To the playing of the games

Of the games, games, games

To the staying of the games,

Of the games, games, games, games,

Games, games, games—

To the longing and the wronging for the games

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