Promoting Critical Thinking Skills Through JAE

The Philippines’ educational system has finally embraced the K-12 program as evidenced by the graduation of the official first batch of grade 12 students this year 2018. It is expected that these graduates possess knowledge and skills embedded in the curriculum. Foremost of these are the 21st century skills developed into the k-12 program. The skills have been grouped into three main areas (Trilling, Bernie, Fadel, and Charles: 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times, Jossey-Bass (publisher), 2009ISBN 978-0-470-55362-6. Retrieved 2016-03-13):


Learning and innovation skills: critical thinking and problem solving, communications and collaboration, creativity and innovation

Digital literacy skillsinformation literacymedia literacyInformation and communication technologies (ICT)literacy

Career and life skills: flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self-directionsocial and cross-cultural interactionproductivity and accountability


In this light K-12 teachers should continue to train themselves in areas where the teaching of these skills may be enhanced. The following information focuses on the first criteria under the Learning and innovation skills. These are the critical thinking skills. The good news is that Adventist Education has devoted a whole issue of the Journal of Adventist Education (JAE) to the teaching of this large chunk of skills that are essential for success in today’s society especially for the teacher of K-12 students.


The following research-based articles are presented in the JAE issue entitled Critical Thinking and Inquiry which teachers may readily refer to by clicking on the link below.


An Unchanging Mission in a Changing World

Critical Thinking and Inquiry in Adventist Education

Using Questions to Drive Inquiry

Promoting Critical Thinking in Early Childhood: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Promoting Inquiry in the Elementary Classroom

Critical Inquiry in By Design Science: 10 Reasons to Like the By Design Science Textbooks

Critical Thinking: Practical Strategies for Teaching and Learning 

Experiential Education and Inquiry Learning 

Promoting Critical Inquiry in Teacher-Education Candidates

Inquiry Teaching in Higher Education: A Critical-Thinking Context

The Future of Education: Are We Ready?

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