Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs/Heteronyms




11. Which school supply is king of the classroom?

The ruler.

  12. Which vegetable should you never invite on a boat trip?

A leek.

  13. How did Benjamin Franklin feel when he discovered electricity?

He was shocked.

  14. Why did the horse chew with his mouth open?

Because he had bad stable manners.

  15. What’s a tornado’s favorite game to play?


  16. What do you give a sick lemon?


  17. What is one fish plus one fish?


  18. Where do polar bears vote?

At the North Pole.

  19. What did the mayonnaise say when the refrigerator was opened?

Close the door! I’m dressing!

  20. What did the apple tree say to the farmer?

Stop picking on me.

  21. Where do cows go on the weekend?

To the moo-vies.

  22. Why did the teacher have to wear sunglasses?

Because her students were so bright?


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