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Water. More than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water. Life on Earth is dependent on the availability, distribution, movement and composition of water. Man is 75 percent water. Significant amounts of water are in all plants and animals. And many species of plants and animals live in water. The vital body functions cannot happen in the absence of water. Water is what God designed as beverage for man, plant and animals. Water helps flush poisons – by products of vital life processes – from the body and gives life to every cell.

The total amount of the earth’s water does not change. It exists on earth as a solid, liquid or gas. The circulation and conservation of earth’s water is called the “hydrologic cycle”. Through the processes of evaporation (transformation of water from liquid to gas), condensation (transformation of water from gas to liquid), precipitation (transfer of water from the atmosphere to land), and transpiration (transfer of water to the atmosphere by plants), the land is irrigated, and the atmosphere is humidified. Both irrigation and humidification are vital to the support of human, animal and plant life.

On the significance of the polarity of the water molecule, this is what PhysicalGeography.net says:

“Water has a very simple atomic structure. This structure consists of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. The nature of the atomic structure of water causes its molecules to have unique electrochemical properties. The hydrogen side of the water molecule has a slight positive charge. On the other side of the molecule a negative charge exists. This molecular polarity causes water to be a powerful solvent and is responsible for its strong surface tension.”4

This is what GodandScience.org says on the implications of the water’s specific molecular polarity: “If greater, heat of fusion and vaporization would be too great for life to exist; if smaller, heat of fusion and vaporization would be too small for life’s existence; liquid water would become too inferior a solvent for life chemistry to proceed; ice would not float, leading to a runaway freeze-up.”5 I agree with the writer, Rich Deem, that this is proof of the fine tuning of the atmosphere by God so that it could support life.

Land. Just imagine if all the Earth’s surface was water. Where would the majestic redwoods grow? How could we enjoy the succulent and fresh tropical fruits? Where could we find meadows of bright shining flowers? Where would the birds and fowls roost? Where would we run around just for fun and frolic? Indeed, the sunlight, air, water and dry land combination God made on Creation week was very “good”.

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