An Inspiring ALS Story


The Possible Dream

Roy Laugrey Libores


Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. – Matthew 19:26, NASB.


I got extremely excited as I thought of my impossible dream coming into

reality, little by little. But that afternoon, when I entered the testing room, I was disappointed

to see another examiner, not the instructor I talked to that morning.

“I’m sorry, I can’t allow you to take the test,” the examiner confirmed.

“You were scheduled in the morning,” she continued.

I was so frustrated and so were my companions. “Now my impossible

dream will remain impossible forever,” I moaned. But we were determined.

With much prayers we had no other alternative but to seek the help of the

highest administrator in the area.

I claimed the promise of Luke 1:37— “Nothing will be impossible with

God.” Praise God! Before the end of the day we were able to take the test.

After two months my heart pounded hard and fast while checking on the

results. I finally found my name among the list of passers, “Praise God,

now I can enroll in college!” I exclaimed.

So I returned to AUP—no longer as a construction worker but as a

working student. I started as caretaker of the Academy gymnasium/

auditorium. Today I’m still a working student in Academy while trying

my best to finish my dream—Bachelor of Science in Education major in

Industrial Arts.

Looking back, God has been so good to me—for giving me good parents,

Ma’am Heidi, ALS, the Academy, and the College of Education. As I repay

God’s goodness, aside from my regular work and studies I was given the

opportunity to teach other students like me in the ALS program of COE

even if I still have a year or two to finish my degree.

I will never stop praising God for finding ways to make my impossible

dream come true. I know it will come. I just need to hold on.


Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus 2 5 7 Shine on for Jesus





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