The Ten Commandments

by Bienvenido E. Capule (Pastor)

‘You yourselves are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read by all men.’ 2 Corinthians 3:2, NIV.


When I was still teaching MBA classes at AUP in December 2010,

the MBA faculty was invited for the traditional Christmas

luncheon at Silang, Cavite. My two colleague professors who were

officials at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas decided to go home early and

offered me a ride.

Upon reaching Buendia Avenue, the owner of the car begged off from

driving us farther as he had an important business appointment. So we

took a taxi instead. My colleague took the back seat while I sat beside the

driver. I noticed the handwritten signboard hanging below the rear mirror:

A reward of PhP 1,000 will be given to anyone who could recite the Ten


I asked if I could try. He agreed and gave me the go signal to recite.

So I went along slowly memorizing the Decalogue. I saw the driver

Smile, expecting I would quit just like the rest of his previous passengers.

His facial expression changed as I started the second half of the

Commandments. He seemed worried as I came to the 9th. Finally, I was

able to complete the recitation.

He asked if I were an Adventist. My colleague immediately remarked

that I am not only an SDA but also a pastor. He was not surprised and

confirmed that only Adventists can recite it and all others cannot.

My colleague jokingly confronted the driver of the promised reward.

The disappointed driver apologized that the announcement excludes


As I walked home, I breathed a silent prayer for the privilege of

witnessing to a professional and an ordinary man about our faith. Ellen G.

White once wrote, “Wherever we are, we should watch for opportunities

of speaking to others of the Savior.” Christs Object Lessons, p. 338.

I praise the Lord for this rare chance to witness for Him. I thanked Him

for our church and AUP for molding me for who I am today.


Shine on for Jesus 260 Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus Shine on for Jesus

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