Shining for Jesus!

By Johnny Guyo

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:9, NIV.

My roommates were government scholars from the south sent by

their respective agencies to upgrade. They were very studious.

When I went back to my room the following Monday, I brought with

me my Bible, Sabbath school lesson, and devotional book. I did personal

devotions: reading the Bible and the morning devotional and studying the

Sabbath School lesson.

One study practice my roommates and I would do before studying was

to read the Bible and pray.

During my stay in the dormitory, I lived the Seventh-day Adventist

lifestyle. No swearing or cursing, no night out, no eating of unclean food,

no vices. I also did my best to be courteous and respectful, kind and

understanding, patient and friendly.

In school, most of my classmates were Born Again Christians. They

would have Bible studies. One of them was a brave guy. He would bring

his thick Bible, walk in the middle aisle of the classroom, and sit in the

front row of our Molecular Biology class. I also befriended a classmate

who is a nun.

I behaved as SDAs should. No cheating, no loud talking, no bullying,

no outrageous hairstyles, and the like. I showed respect to everyone

and did not attend school activities held on Sabbaths. All this time I

never discussed about religion with them, nor did I tell them that I am a

Seventh-day Adventist.

Toward the end of the semester, the Seventh-day Adventist local church

had an evangelistic meeting in the university. I took the chance to invite

my friends by giving them brochures about “Revelation Seminar.”

One of my roommates suddenly exclaimed, “I knew all along that you

are a Seventh-day Adventist.”

How did he know? Perhaps, I did shine for Jesus through my lifestyle and


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