When the late Pastor Alberto Santiago became the Circulation Manager at Philippine Publishing House (PPH), he and the late Mr. Elias Villanueva, who was the general manager at that time, formed and positioned the PHILIPPINE PROGRESS TEAM as a better way to conduct the publishing ministry. Their tandem leadership boosted the morale of the publishing work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Philippines. It was with wholesome pride that PPH workers and literature evangelists worked together to scale the sales and distribution of books and magazines; the Philippines became the undisputed leader in and was rightly deemed as the “Literature Evangelist Capital of the World.”

I have a dream to revive that dynamism today in America. I would like to share that vision with you during our Progress Team Reunion Sabbath at the San Jose Fil-Am SDA Church on October 6, 2018. I would like to invite all who were members of the Philippine Progress Team who are in North America today to join with us during that event.

Reuben Abaya Pagaduan will present “Art Principles in World View Interpreted Through Nature.” Pastor Dan Botabara will expound on our theme during the Hour of Worship. And I will present a plan/program/system that will revive the glory of the PROGRESS TEAM ministry in North America today.

Pastor Botabara and the San Jose Fil-AM SDA Church have opened their facilities for us on October 6. Each guest will have to share in the lunch and dinner for only $20 (two meals). You will be responsible for your travel and lodging arrangements.

On Sabbath afternoon and early evening, we will have precious time to reminisce our great PROGRESS TEAM past and envision our even greater future.

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