English Plus Paragraphs

ENGLISH PLUS: Kinds of Paragraphs (You can do this individually or by partners)

(Each paragraph should have unity, and coherence, link words, and transitional devices. It should have one topic sentence and at least 4 or five supporting sentences. Answers should be typed double space, Times New Roman and 12 font size on a short letter-size bond paper of 2-3 pages only. Submit this on November 5)

1. Watch or read about the documentary film: The Conscientious Objector

Answer the following questions:

a. Who is Desmond Doss? (Answer in one descriptive paragraph)

b. What is a Conscientious Objector? (Answer in one expository paragraph)
2. Watch or read about the movie: Hacksaw Ridge
Answer the following questions:
a. Who and what is the focus of the story?  (Summarize the story in one narrative paragraph)
b. What are at least 3 similarities and 3 differences of the film Conscientious Objector and the movie Hacksaw Ridge?(Answer in one comparison and contrast paragraph.)
c. Aside from receiving the Bronze Star medal twice, why do you think Desmond Doss deserves to receive the Medal of Honor for his actions during World War II? (Answer in one persuasive paragraph)
d. Reflection: What are your insights or opinions about the extent of the Seventh-Day Adventist influence in the experiences of Desmond Doss as presented in the films? (Answer in any kind of paragraph.)


Note: You need to know, through research, the following to be able to answer all the questions:

1. Features of each kind of paragraph
2. Unity and coherence in a paragraph
3. Topic sentence of a paragraph
4. Supporting details of sentences in a paragraph
5. Transitional devices and link words to connect sentences in a paragraph
Conscientious Objector Desmond Dos: The Fearless Warrior Without A Rifle (Documentary)
Hacksaw Ridge Movie Trailer

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