Learning Plans in Geometry for Reading

Learning Plans in Geometry (Learning Plan for Reading)

Teacher: Jennifer A. Tubtub

Date/ Time: (45 minutes) Day 1

Room: Math Room

Topic:   Special Quadrilaterals

Teacher’s Edition: Geometry by Larson ,  page number: pages 253-256

Additional Online Resources: purplemath.com , khanacademy.com

Grade 10 (Sophomore Class)


At the end of the class, the students would be able to:

  1. Define the different types of special quadrilaterals based on their properties. Formulate conjectures about special quadrilaterals.  Classify figures according to their characteristics. (Cognitive Domain)
  2. Appreciate how to work with a partner in developing conjectures for special quadrilaterals.    (Affective Domain)
  3. Discuss and share conjectures of quadrilaterals with peers. Orally and in written form, define quadrilaterals and identify the characteristics of special quadrilaterals. (Psychomotor Domain)
  4. IFVL:  Like the special quadrilaterals, we were created “special”. “Psalms 139:14 “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:  marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. We humans are the highest form of His creation, capable of thinking and making choices.  We should not squander the blessings that God gave us and one of these is the magnificent body that we have. We need to choose to be healthy and take care of ourselves and others. YOU are SPECIAL! Just like these quadrilaterals.

Materials Needed:  Textbooks; projector and laptop; sticky note pads; small sentence strips; chalk board. Staplers. Journals and writing tools, chart and markers; photocopied worksheets

Assessment Plan/ Assignments:  There will be an oral participation during the “popcorn reading activity” and students will receive points for that.  At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to define special quadrilaterals both orally and in writing using conjectures. Students will give their feedback through their journals.  Extension:  Students will be asked to answer the worksheets for this lesson.

Things to prepare prior to the class: Board must be divided into sections. Make a list of “study buddies” for today.  Make photocopies of worksheet assignments and the selection that the students would be reading. Set up the projector and laptop ahead of time. Have writing utensils ready and sticky note pads and sentence strips. Make sure to have enough staplers available. Arrange the chairs for a smooth traffic in class. Students will seat with their study buddies today. Have all the definition written or summarized on a chart paper and place them in the front where students can’t see them yet.  This will be shown at the end of the class. Have dictionaries ready and borrow some dictionaries from the library if needed. Read and review the lesson and rubric guide.  Have your own personal notes about the lesson.  Index cards are available for your own personal notes.

Things to be done after the class:  Place all the journals neatly on the table.  On your grading chart, make sure to record the points that the students got from their activity.  Check students work on the board and grade them immediately.  Read their journals and give your feedback as you read their work.  Don’t forget to turn off the projector after use.

Complete word file download below:

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