Learning Plans in Geometry for Writing

Learning Plans in Geometry (Learning Plan for Writing)

Teacher: Jennifer A. Tubtub

Date/ Time: (45 minutes) Day 2

Room: Math Room

Topic:   Special Quadrilaterals

Teacher’s Edition: Geometry by Larson ,  page number: pages 253-256

Additional Online Resources: purplemath.com , khanacademy.com

Grade 10 (Sophomore Class)


At the end of the class, the students would be able to:

  1. Classify quadrilaterals according to the properties. Identify quadrilaterals given their properties. Solve quadrilaterals using the properties. (Cognitive Domain)
  2. Appreciate the importance of order in their work as they present their solution.  Develop a sense of accomplishment as they solve quadrilaterals.  (Affective Domain)
  3. Solve problems that involved quadrilaterals in written form.  Orally synthesize the process of solving quadrilaterals as they interact with the teacher and their peers. (Psychomotor Domain)
  4. IFVL:  The properties (characteristics) of quadrilaterals are like God’s Ten Commandments.  We can use these properties to guide us as we solve different problems that involve quadrilaterals.  God’s commandments were given to instruct us and teach us on how we must live our lives. God’s precepts reflect God’s character and will in our lives. Obedience to the law will bring us closer to Jesus who is the ultimate Solution in everything. 2 Timothy 3:16 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

Materials Needed:  Textbooks; projector and laptop; white/chalk board; INBs ; writing tools; calculators

Assessment Plan/ Assignments:  There will be an oral participation as we discuss the different examples on how to solve quadrilaterals.   At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to use the properties in solving quadrilaterals and incorporate algebraic properties in their steps. The students will be given time to reassess their answers in their worksheets.

Things to prepare prior to the class: Clean the white board for the projection of the lesson. Keep the same list of “study buddies” from yesterday adjust if necessary.  Prepare the answer sheet for the worksheet assignments (for discussion purposes only). Set up the projector and laptop ahead of time. Have writing utensils ready. Journals must be graded and ready for distribution (you may place them on their desks to avoid wasting time giving them to the students individually). Arrange the chairs for a smooth traffic in class. Students will seat with their study buddies today. Have the summary of the properties written on the chart and hang them at the front so students could see it all the time (to help the retention process.  Have your own personal notes about the lesson.  Index cards are available for your own personal notes. Be ready to entertain more questions this time. Prepare cut out charts with double adhesive tapes on the back for the INB Warm Up exercise.

Things to be done after the class:  Collect all the worksheets from the work bank basket and place them in the Geometry folder on the teacher’s desk.  Neatly place the INB’s on the desk and start cleaning up the board and turn off the projector.  Start grading the worksheets and give your feedback.  Read and grade their summary and see how they correlate with the student’s performance in their worksheet.  Give your inputs and remarks.

Complete lesson plan in word file, download below:

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