By: Ely Lagajino

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9 (NIV)

I went to my hometown in the province of Sorsogon looking for a summer job to help finance my schooling.  As a professional driver’s license holder, I was accepted as a tricycle driver.

A passenger hired me going to Saint Peter and Paul subdivision around four kilometers away from the city proper. On my way back I picked up a beautiful lady passenger. After a few meters, another passenger asked for a ride.  Since he was a large man, I told him to ride in the back seat. When he saw the beautiful lady, he decided to ride in the sidecar. Suddenly, the air smelled like wine, the large man was drunk.

While passing through the road with no houses the lady inside the sidecar cried and shouted pushing the man who was acting rudely. I stopped and while still on my motorbike confronted the large guy, “sir if you want to continue riding respect the lady or else I’ll let you go down”, as I rolled up my jacket sleeves.

When the drunkard saw my thin muscles, he answered, “Do you want a fight?”

 I responded, “Go down and fight like a man,” raising my voice to shock him.

It was a strategy. If he goes down the tricycle, I will immediately start the motorcycle and wave “goodbye, drunk man”. But the large man was a wise guy. He didn’t go down.

Plan B let the girl go down instead. Providentially, the lady managed to sneak out of the tricycle during the argument.  While the man was preparing his boxing form in the sidecar, I rolled the gasoline throttle and sped faster in a zigzag manner. The man wasn’t able to throw a punch, but I heard a head bump inside the sidecar which almost knocked him down.

But woe on me, I’m traveling together with a large bad guy. First, he was drunk, second, he behaved rudely toward a stranger, and third, he disrespected a lady. “Lord God, how do I get rid of him?” I earnestly prayed.

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