By: Ely Lagajino

Good will come to those who are generous, and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice. Psalm 112: 5 (NIV)

The Lord blessed Abraham with riches such as cattle, sheep and gold while he lived a simple and quiet life in a tent where he hid his gold underneath.

From Shechem he and his household moved to Bethel and built another altar for the Lord and they all worshipped Him. He started teaching about the true God to the Canaan idolaters; offspring of Ham the rebellious son of Noah.

Lot Abraham’s nephew became rich too. As their herd grew larger, their servants quarreled over the pasture land and water. To avoid trouble, Abraham asked Lot to choose an area for his cattle.

He was attracted by the Jordan plains, the most fertile land in Canaan; well-watered and near the city of Sodom. People called it “the garden of the Lord” which is now part of Palestine (PP p.119). It’s a beautiful city rich in trade and worldly pleasures. Lot pitched their tent near the city while Abraham stayed in the mountainous part of Canaan.

Once again God said to Abraham, “Look at your north, south, east and west” This land is yours, “to you and your offspring” (365 Bible Stories p.17).

Abraham dug his gold under his tent and once more moved to the upland plains of Hebron with a wider pasture. They planted grains, vineyards, and olive orchards.

He built an altar to worship God wherever He went and his life and character influenced the idol worshipers in favor of the true faith.

He was rich in faith, generosity, and obedience; living a simple life as a pilgrim, a master tent pitcher, yet also rich in gold. While Lot ignored the moral and spiritual evils that could influence them in Sodom (PP p .119).

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