By: Ely Lagajino

Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt that ye may know how ye ought to answer each one. Colossians 4:6 (NIV)

Villagers depended on us for their basic needs, being one of the two sari-sari stores operating in a remote coastal barangay. There are two ways to replenish our supplies. One route is an hour travel by motorboat to the nearest town. When winds were very strong, however, no boat would dare cross the sea. The other way is by hiking fourteen kilometers away to reach another barrio along the road with a big grocery.

One Sunday morning Uncle requested me to buy supplies such as candies and biscuits. I invited my friends, who are more familiar with the route, to accompany me. After a three- kilometer hike along rocky slopes, we reached an amazing vast plain of cogon grass which served as a grazing place for carabaos and the home of native quails. We rested for a while and decided to catch quails for our snacks.

We formed ourselves into two groups separated about fifteen meters facing each other, moving step by step sideward. When the quails noticed our presence they flew about two meters above the ground on a straight line. Upon seeing our friends waiting on their direction, the quails would dive to the ground and run towards our friends position as if to attack, but instead, because of their sizes it was easier to catch them by diving on them with a sack. After catching enough quails we looked for salt to savor our roasted quails and water to quench our thirst.

Salt and water are so important commodities needed physically and spiritually; without it we would lose our lives.

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