Sins of Sodom 2

By: Ely Lagajno

“For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it (Sodom). Genesis 18:32 (NIV)

Abraham believed that aside from Lot’s family there must be other Godly believers that lived in Sodom. He entered into a bargaining agreement with God not to destroy the city if fifty righteous people would be found in there; until his failing confidence reduced it to ten. God promised to save the city from burning for the sake of even ten righteous people.

Lot sat in the city gate when two strangers arrived. He invited visitors to rest in their house. A group of homosexuals attacked Lot forcing their entry to kidnap the visitors. Lot stopped them at the entrance and negotiated to take his daughters instead.

The angels blinded the attackers and dragged Lot inside. This immoral behavior of the attackers displays the wickedness of the city. The angels told Lot that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah were very serious and reached the limits of the Divine Mercy and God would burn it.

However, with ten righteous people, God would give them a chance. Lot went out to convince his sons in law probably managing their night business outlets, but they only laughed at him and thought their father was drunk. As a result, not even five righteous people were found.

Early in the morning, the angels took Lot, his wife, and his two daughters away from the city. The command was to “escape for your life to the mountains and not to look behind”, because “the blinding flash of light and powerful shock” would kill them (Bible Story p.165). Mrs. Lot disobeyed, she loved Sodom and could not simply leave without looking back at her once comfortable and luxurious life. Completely overcome by the horrendous blaze of sulfuric fire, Mrs. Lot turned into a pillar of salt. Salt without saltiness. Only Lot with his daughters managed to escape but he lost his riches, houses, his businesses, and his friends, his relatives including his beautiful wife.

Those who hear the gospel invitation calling sinners to repentance, and heed it not, are guiltier before God.

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