By: Ely Lagajino

And we know that to them that love God, all things work together for good… according to His purpose. Romans 8:28 (ASV)

Everyone excitedly prepared for the summer sliding games open for elementary pupils. Our school stood at the foot of a small mountain and the objective of the game was to slide down the mountain slope using any material for a cart without wheels, a “paragos”. In countries that experience snow, they call it sled.

I served as a coach to my cousin who used two dried coconut palms joined together as his paragos but in the trial races, he always finished last. How could he beat the other contestants’ sturdy and smoothened wooden paragos carved by their parents? He became the laughing stock of the race because of the poor materials of his coco-cart.

Just an hour before the championship race, a fisherman selling fish came to the house. My uncle bought the fish and requested me to fry it before watching the game. While pouring the oil, my clumsy hands dropped the frying pan as oil scattered on the bamboo floor. “Now, how do I remove the oil from the floor and get to the race on time?” I moaned to myself as I rubbed several rags to remove the oil from the floor, which got even more slippery.

“Aha!” my eyes widened with a bright idea. I sprinted to the venue with a rag soaked in coconut oil. With so much excitement I whispered to my cousin, “I discovered a secret formula!” Before the race started we hid under the banana plants and wiped the bottom of his coco paragos with coco-oil.

The game official sounded the starting whistle, “Prrrt!” Down the steep slope, they all sped. At first, my cousin settled for the last position because his cart was made of light materials. But as the formula oil heated, the lubricant became even more slippery dashing him and his paragos to the finish line way ahead of the others. The oil on the floor became God’s blessing in disguise. Thanks to Him through the fisherman, we discovered the winning formula.

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