Prosperous Prayer 1

By: Jeruel B. Ibañez

But for You O Lord do I wait; it is You O Lord my God who will answer. Psalm 38:15 (ESV)

Streaks of bright rays from the Sabbath morning sun rising from the horizon highlighted the majestic Mt. Maria Makiling, as I sat on a ledge watching. My 6-hour tour of duty from midnight as a student guard of Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) just ended. Praise God for the safe night shift. The next 6 hours to complete my 12-hour duty started. 

I wore an ordinary old shirt, a worn-out pair of brown pants, with a flashlight in one of its pockets, and held a baton as the only weapon we were allowed to carry for protection.  In my right hand was a thin pocketbook by Ellen G. White, Steps to Christ. I was reading the chapter entitled The Privilege of Prayer savoring every word, paragraph by paragraph, page by page that somehow touched and consoled my heart. Once in a while I would pause and raise my eyes to heaven, asking God many questions.

“Oh, God, why am I still here when my other batch mates had already graduated?”

“What’s your plan for me, why you brought me to this Christian school?”

“Why do I feel that it’s so hard to finish my studies having these financial difficulties?”

“If you were the One who brought me here, when will you answer my prayer that I would find a sponsor for my tuition fees and other expenses?”

I couldn’t recall the rest but I know those were the contents of my heartfelt prayer to the Lord for many years. I felt sad as I articulated them in my thoughts. 

However, I needed to quickly report to the security Headquarters (HQ) for breakfast before I resumed my tour of duty until noon. When I reached the office, a fellow guard handed me a letter from Pastor Edwin Martin, who was assigned in Olongapo SDA Church. Excitedly, curious, I ripped the envelop open as my active thoughts started questioning again, “Why would Pastor Martin send me a letter, Lord, what could this be?”

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