By: Ely Lagajino

He answered their prayers, because they trusted in Him. 1 Chronicles 5:20 (NIV)

Pastor Ben Ezra Adap a district pastor in Sorsogon province requested me to assist him in one of his major evangelistic meetings. After the visitation, we went to the office to get supplies. On our way home, we rode in tandem on a motorcycle, but a heavy downpour stopped us on the road.  Stranded vehicles queued near the main bridge under construction and a tourist bus remained stuck on the detour bridge.  

With no towing vehicle in sight, motorists on sports-type motorbikes wobbled down an alternate trail to survey whether or not the flooded river was passable. The rest of the vehicles remained stranded.

Soaked and shivering after more than two hours I decided to ask our pastor permission to cross the river on the motorbike so that he could follow the other passengers who walked along the detour bridge to get across. Also drenched, our pastor managed to advise, “It’s already dark you should assess the route first.”

So, I thought of managing to drive down the trail on second gear.  Then I would stop before reaching the water and survey the river for any obstacles. But when I started moving downward, the motorcycle sped up as it skidded along the slippery slope. Unable to control the brakes I continued sliding faster straight into the river. I could only keep driving as water splashed on my face when I rolled up some gasoline to the maximum to keep water from entering the muffler. 

“Success!” the other drivers cheered, as they whistled and applauded the greatest performance of my life. I became an instant celebrity, answering interview questions such as, “How did you make it with only a 125 motorbike?”

“Do you see that man on the bridge?”, as I pointed to Pastor Adap.  “His prayer helped me cross the river.”      

​“I was so nervous about you and the new motorcycle. I prayed so hard to God for safety,” Pastor confessed. Amazingly, not a  single scratch came close to the motorcycle.

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