Great Books: Definition, Meaning and Concept: FORUM

By: Elmie Lagajino

Intro to great books

Great Books is another name for World literature. The course is a survey of the greatest masterpieces of literature from all over the world, embracing more than 5000 years of development of world literature, in different literary forms or genres, with representatives from various places, cultures, and periods that produced them.

And as a student, reading books and literary works is an essential part of the course because good reading, makes good writing. But we do not just read any kind of book in this class, to gain the best ideas we read great books or classical books. Classic because the wisdom and underlying philosophies presented in these books are well-known. The philosophies presented in different forms, genres, and multi-media platforms have stood the test of

Q1: What/Who are some great philosophies of great philosophers that have been embraced by various cultures and societies?

Q2: What is a genre? What are some literary genres?

The literary theories used to understand the themes in these stories are of great and important values. They are great because the characters in the stories of these books give meaning to our lives; the reason for our existence; they highlight our social and civic responsibilities, our relationship with God.

Q3: What are the most common literary theories? Literary theory/

Q4: What is a theme? How do we find them in stories? How do we write themes?

Moreover, many of the books have been translated into several languages as these books were written by prolific authors.

Q5: What is a prolific author? Can you name a few prolific authors and their books?

For Christians like us, the greatest of all Great Books is the Holy Bible. And its lesser light the Spirit of Prophecy books by Ellen G. White. All your presentations and reports will anchor their philosophies, themes and literary theories on them.

Q6: Based on the definition, meaning and concept why do we consider the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy (SOP) books as Great Books?

Q7: Write it: In 200-250 words, typed double-spaced write an essay to answer the questions:

Based on the definition, meaning and concept, is the study Great Books relevant to your chosen career? Why or Why not? What do you think are the essential or non-essential areas pf the lesson? How does the Bible and the SOP relate to the lesson of Great Books? Your essay should have a theme statement. Please underline it.

*** write all your answers in iStudy or on paper not more than 3 pages and send through email:

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