By: Ely Lagajino

But he who endures to the end shall be saved. Matthew 24: 13 (NKJV)

Built physically healthy, Jacob survives walking more than a hundred miles crossing mountains and deserts without food. Reaching Haran, weary, he rolls the cover of the well alone, which is usually rolled by at least five persons. Jacob survives working twenty years in the field as a shepherd rancher. He wrestles hundreds of cows to be castrated.

Surely, he could fight the four hundred soldiers of Esau, but if one of his loved ones would get caught, he would surely be ready to give his life in exchange for their safety.

After crossing Jobbok River, Jacob’s family waits at the crossroads as he remains behind to spend the night with God in prayer. While on his knees, a steady hand taps his shoulder. Mistaking it as a spy from Esau’s camp, he grabs him, and the two wrestles in darkness.

Jacob, a multi-tasked wrestler, uses all his strength fighting for his life while his guilt continuous to trouble him shutting out God from his life (PP198). But in his frightful situation, he remembers God’s promises. Jacob confesses his sins and trusts in God’s saving power.

The struggle continues at almost daybreak. The stranger places his finger on Jacob’s thigh, crippling him instantly. Overcoming his weary conscience, Jacob finally understands that he has been wrestling with God’s messenger, an angel. With all his remaining strength, he continues grabbing the stranger’s foot, pleading for his blessing. Suddenly, Jacob receives not just a blessing of protection but the blessing of victory over his sins, as the angel says, “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob a (deceiver), but Israel because you have struggled with God and men and prevailed,” (Genesis 32:28).

That same night Esau dreamed of Jacob weeping surrounded by a host of angels.

In the morning, the two groups meet. Esau sees his crippled brother, Jacob, and runs towards him. They embraced each other embrace to forgive each other. Jacob presents Esau with a gift of speckled and spotted animals born from the blessing of new technology (Genesis 30:37-40). Esau finally accepts the gift as they part ways.


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