By: Ely Lagajino

And he said, “Hear my words: If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord make myself known to him in a vision; I speak with him in a dream. Numbers 12:6 (ESV)

Joseph continued praying while inside the prison house. Through his integrity and kindness, he gained the confidence of the warden. He put him in charge of other prisoners.

One day two of Pharaoh’s principal officers, the chief cupbearer, and the baker were also thrown into prison for offending the king in negligence of their duties.

A cupbearer was an official rank in the king’s palace. His duty was to mix and serve drinks only for the king. He should be dependable enough to protect the king from any force that would endanger his life. Usually, he is a eunuch who can concentrate more on his duty even in the presence of lady visitors who might be spies who would put poison in the king’s cup. The cupbearer needs to taste the juice or wine in front of the king before serving it to him. Failure to perform his duty properly would put him in jail.

One evening the cupbearer and the baker had strange dreams. In those times before God gave the Bible to men, He often spoke to them in dreams. And there were wise men of God who could interpret dreams, and Joseph was one of them. The cupbearer told Joseph his dream. “I picked grapes from three branches. Then I had the Pharaoh’s cup in my hand, so I squeezed the grapes and took the wine to him.”

Joseph explained, “The three branches means that in three days, you will be released from prison, and you will serve as the Pharaoh’s wine bearer once again. Remember me when you are before the Pharaoh.” Joseph said, “And try to find some ways to get me out of this prison cell. I have done nothing wrong to deserve this”. The cupbearer felt happy to hear that his dream had a favorable meaning (Genesis 40:1-15).

But in his happiness, he forgot all about Joseph. Until two years later, Pharaoh had a dream that bothered him so much. The cupbearer remembered Joseph and told the king of his gift of interpreting dreams.

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