By: Ely Lagajino

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.James 4:10 (ESV)

Joseph remained in prison for two more years. But one night, Pharaoh had a two in one dream. None of his wise men and magicians could interpret it. Then the king’s Cupbearer remembered in prison years; and told him how Joseph had revealed the meaning of his vision.

 Immediately Joseph was brought before the king. Then Pharaoh told Joseph his dream; in his dreams, he saw seven fat cows that came out of the river. Then seven thin cows ate up the seven fat cows, but they still looked weak and miserable. Immediately the other dream followed: seven shrunken heads of grain ate seven good heads of grain.

​“Tell me the meaning of my dream.” Pharaoh commanded Joseph.  

“I cannot tell you of your ideas, but God can,” Joseph assured the king. “Soon there will be seven years of plenty”,Joseph started, “with abundant harvests”, but then in sober tones he continued, “seven years of famine will follow. You must choose a wise agri-business manager. Cut and save one-fifth of the crops during the seven years of plenty, so you will have enough food to feed your people during the famine.”

Pharaoh was pleased with Joseph’s revelation and gave him his blessings. He used the king’s official signet ring to mark important papers, fine clothes, a gold chain necklace, a chariot, and a beautiful wife with bangs, from a prominent family as he proclaimed Joseph, Governor of Egypt at the young age of thirty(Genesis 41: 1-46).

Joseph remained humble before God. He built granaries and stored grain that would keep Egypt’s people from starving. Through Joseph, the attention of the king and great men of Egypt were directed to the true God. Although they were of a heathen nation, they learned to respect the principles revealed in the life and character of their new governor, Joseph, the worshiper of Jehovah (PP p.224).

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