By: Ely Lagajino

And to put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. Ephesians 4:24 {ESV)

Joseph stored substantial food supplies in granaries all over Egypt. Starving people from nearby countries came to buy grains, including his ten brothers. Joseph immediately recognized them, but they didn’t.

Dressed in Egyptian clothes, a moustache on his face, the governor also carried an Egyptian name, Zaphnath Paneah. How could the brothers ever suspect him as their long lost brother?  Furthermore, Joseph deliberately concealed his identity by using an interpreter. 

How excited Joseph must have been to hear news about their father and Benjamin, but he wanted to find out if his brothers had changed from their arrogant spirit. 

“Where are you from?” Joseph asked as the visitors bowed to the ground before answering. Joseph remembered his dream when his brother’s sheaves of grain bowed.,(Genesis 42:1-13).

“We are from Canaan. We come to buy food.”  

“No, you are spies!” Joseph shouted. Reuben explained that they were 12 brothers. Benjamin, the youngest, is with their father, and one is no more. 

“I will find out if you are telling the truth. All of you should be imprisoned, and one should go home to bring Benjamin here.” Joseph told them. But the brothers decided to remain together and suffer slavery or death. It was better than bringing additional sorrow to their father by including Benjamin, (PP p.228)

They said, one to another, “We are being punished for what we did to Joseph.” They reflected on their past sins. The cruel and revengeful spirit of the brothers have changed to being unselfish, true to one another, and devoted to their father.

Joseph went out and wept as he heard what they were saying. (PP p.230)  

Thinking of the starving families of his brothers Joseph set them free after three days. “But one of you shall remain in prison. Guards, arrest this man,” pointing to Simeon. 

Go back home with the grains, but your brother would be in jail until you return with Benjamin (Genesis 42:14-24).

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