By: Ely Lagajino

…and I will send down the showers in their season; they shall be showers of blessing.

Ezekiel 34:26 (ESV)

The techniques I learned from the seminar, hard work, and God’s grace made my selling job as Literature Evangelist (LE) a pleasant experience. When our leader Pastor Felipe transferred to Camarines Sur, I accepted his invitation to join his new team.

We rented the second floor of an old Spanish-type house in the Tigaon commercial center. Loud vendors, public transports, and night clubs kept the streets busy. We enjoyed watching the colourful, bright town lights at night while eating fresh fruits and barbecue on the ledges of the big wide Capiz-shelled windows.

Our team worked successfully at the start.  But the nonstop rain put a stop to our job. By the third week, my co-workers decided to go home.  They urged me to join them, but I chose to stay waiting for good weather.

The rain extended for a month until I ran out of food allowance. I opened the wide windows at night and did window shopping, smelling the cooked food from the restaurants around before sleeping. In the morning, however, I woke up hungry.

That early morning I made a resolution to work, rain or shine.  With my bag on my shoulder, my prop shoes on my left hand, and umbrella on my right hand, I went house to house selling books barefooted on the flooded streets. To my surprise, people became more interested in books that I got so many orders each day.

Then I approached the Tigaon school district supervisor, surprisingly he ordered the books, Children around the World, Golden Treasury of Bible Stories, Best Recipes, and Modern Guide to Health for all the elementary schools in the district.  When it rains, God’s blessing pours, I became the number one LE in the region that year. 

After almost two months the rain stopped. When my co-workers arrived they encouraged me to work with them, but I said “thanks, I will rest until the rain comes again.” Later, they learned about my rainy day blessings, so I gave a blow-out at the wide Capiz-shelled windows.

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