By: Ely Lagajino

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1(KJV)

​As I massaged my Lolo’s head, he continued telling the story of his encounters with the rebel forces…

​The message of invitation for Asedillo to surrender peacefully echoed around the rebel camp, but they thought of it as black propaganda to actually put him to death.

​One day Sgt. Satur’s men captured two of the bandits. But instead of killing them the soldiers helped provide their family’s needs. Later they served as guide to the rebel camp. Once they confirmed their hideout, the soldiers camped near them.

​At night, the rebels attacked their position with massive gun fight. In the morning, stains of blood scattered, but no bodies were recovered. The bandits took the dead and wounded bodies with them.

​For three months my Lolo and his men fought the rebel forces in the mountains of Quezon province. Asedillo and his men transferred to another hideout in Laguna, but the soldiers through their guide successfully followed them.  The rebels made their last assault. In the morning, two dead bodies were recovered, one was identified as Asedillo’s close aid. Soon the rebel lost all his men. His magic amulet may not be working against the Adventist soldier who came in the name of Jesus. At last Asedillo decided to surrender, but only to the President. 

​Finally, Sgt. Satur and Asedillo were presented to the President at Malacanang Palace. The commander in chief told Sgt. Satur to sit on the Presidential chair with the President standing on his right and Asedillo on his left for a candid picture-taking.

​It’s so cool to have such a brave and kind lolo. But before he finished his story, he told me a secret. “Actually, I never killed any of Asedillo’s armed men. During the battles I kept reciting the verse in Psalm 46:1, then I fired my gun up in the air.”

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