By: Ely Lagajino

In the cover of your presence you hide them from the plots of men; you store them in your shelter from the strife of tongues. Psalm 31:20 (ESV)

Lolo and his intelligence men chose Anibong as a refuge for their families. It faces the Sorsogon bay with a thick forest at the background. All incoming boats could quickly be identified. Here they left their families while attending to their specific missions.

In suspicion, the Japanese patrol boat decided to investigate the houses. When the watchman saw the incoming boat, he gave a signal to the residents.  Everybody ran towards the forest to hide. The senior citizens stayed behind, as the Japanese interrogated them.  As soon as the soldiers left, the watchman gave the signal, and the villagers returned from hiding.

One morning the families heard another signal. Everybody ran to hide in the forest. But Lola and her five year- old daughter, aunt Ansing, stayed at home because the latter suffered from allergies.  Lola hid aunt Ansing inside one of the rolled mats that stood at the corner.

Lola hospitably offered the soldiers to eat camote cue. Suspecting that somebody might be hiding inside, the Japanese leader climbed the stairs to inspect when suddenly the six mats standing at the corner fell and rolled toward the door near the soldier who instantly got his pistol. As Lola held her breath she whispered a prayer. When the last mat reached the door, that covered aunt Ansing, a lizard jumped onto the face of the soldier who leaped down the stairs, dropping his camote cue as he ran outside before another giant lizard would jump on him.

It turned out that while aunt Ansing hid inside the rolled mat, a lizard jumped on her head.  She lost her balance, which caused all the mats to fall and roll on the floor. From that time on, the Japanese never attempted to inspect their house even if they smelled camote cue.

Soon, the Japanese confirmed that guerrillas stayed in the community. They planned to attack the place at night. But Sgt. Satur, and his men, learned about the plan and were able to transfer their families before the scheduled attack.

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