By: Ely Lagajino

Children obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Ephesians 6:1

Our provincial hospital looks like a letter U with two entrances on both ends. The right-wing was assigned for free ward patients while private rooms were on the left side. Surplus patients occupied the hallway, which caused inconveniences. 

Lola, who suffered a stroke, stayed in a private room near the entrance.  Every day I did my best in helping run errands for my mother, who attended to Lola, by bringing food and personal needs. But I met a daily entrance problem. The guard prohibited children from entering the hospital. 

My mother talked to the security guard to allow me to pass, but since the guards kept changing without our notice, I would sneak in through the other entrance and pass through the long hallway full of patients.

One afternoon mother requested me to watch my unconscious Lola. Suddenly Lola started snoring louder than usual and then opened her eyes for a few seconds. I saw air bubbles in her nose tube.  When mother arrived, she cried and told me to go. I thought she was asking me to call all my aunts at home. I ran towards the exit, but the guard tried to hold me.

I changed my direction towards the free ward exit as the guard ran after me, which caught the attention of the station nurse who asked what happened?  I pointed to room No. 3 while I continued running to escape.

Arriving home with sweat and tears, because of my struggle with the guard, one of my aunts who saw me assumed that Lola was dead. Neighbours came over. Soon crying, ladies filled the house, which alarmed me, because I wasn’t crying for Lola and in my very young mind I thought Lola was still alive.  I slipped away and went back to the hospital, but my mother told me the sad news that Lola had passed away. This time I didn’t sweat, but I cried a river.

I believe Lola said her last farewell when she opened her eyes, which seemed to convey that she wanted to see us in heaven when Jesus comes again.    

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