By: Ely Lagajino

“I waited patiently for the Lord, And He inclined to me and heard my cry.” Psalm 40:1, (NASB)

​One semester break, I visited a church in a remote island in Palawan. On Sabbath morning, all seats in the small church were taken. Knowing that I came from an Adventist University brethren assigned me the promotional talk, Sabbath School lesson, and Divine worship message. 

​AY program was spent visiting homes of sick brethren. First we visited a very weak elderly woman. I gave a short talk then we prayed for her. Later we saw the old woman walking and stretching around the house.

​“Pastor, your sermon was effective,” one brother said. 

​“Praise God, Brother, not me.” I said, “and not only did I become an instant pastor, I also became a quick doctor. “

​Next, we visited a family with two sons, sick for almost two weeks. One of them was an AY leader, but the father was not a believer.

​The church members suspected that the boys had malaria, and we wanted to persuade the father to take them to the hospital. We conducted a series of songs, sermons, and Bible study for three sessions to convince the father, but his reaction was still the same. He carried a bolo and walked around us three times, murmuring. 

​“Nobody can bring my sons to the hospital.” It was already dark, so we sent all the women home. We were all exhausted. Finally, with a very big faith, I gave the father an ultimatum.

​“Tatay, whether you like it or not, we will bring your sons to the hospital.”  

​His response surprised us, “Okay, but only one of them.” 

​So we carried one of the boys and sped towards the hospital. When the doctor confirmed it was malaria, I sent for the other boy. Our prayers helped reduce the father’s anger. And God made a way, because when my companions reached the house, the father was not there, so they picked up the other son and quickly carried him to the hospital. 

​Praise God, after two months the boys continued their active service to the church, as youth leaders. 

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