Mysterious Malibod 1

By: Ely Lagajino

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. John 14:3 (ESV)

We attended a family reunion at the place of our relatives who managed an Abaca plantation. We trooped to the river for swimming; unfortunately, it was low tide. 

 While waiting for the high tide, young people played; folks talked about the mysterious origin of that river called Malibod, located beyond the abaca farm. Many tried to explore it, but only a few successfully found the place. 

The two routes presented different challenges. One required a swim upstream through the river visited by snakes. The other route winded through the 25-hectare Abaca plantation, vast enough for anyone to get lost. 

 “Let’s pass through the abaca plantation to explore the origin of Malibod.” We all agreed.  Equipped with bolos, slingshots, and baskets, we hiked hoping to reach the source of the river. 

Towards the end of the farm, a vast Dau tree surprised us. The tree filled with ripe, yellow fruits touching the ground. But what stunned us most was the presence of various species of birds. They seemed undisturbed by the sudden arrival of six elementary school kids armed with slingshots.

 There were King Fishers that should have been near the seashore waiting for the small crabs for breakfast. Rows of Orioles, Wild Doves, along with many other birds feasted on the fruit. The talkative parrot chuckled with a blackbird. Surprisingly birds of prey, such as crows that usually steal bird’s eggs, and a Hawk, a mortal enemy of other birds, flew in. Amazingly, they mingled all over the tree. Perhaps it was a bird reunion too.

 Sensing it as a friendly territory, we started fruit- picking, sat and enjoyed eating while listening to the birds’ musical tunes. The wonderful experience reminded us of the creation story with the beautiful paradise- the Garden of Eden; an encouraging inspiration for our quest of the mysterious Malibod.

May each reunion remind us that the coming of Jesus Christ is one year closer to that grand reunion for a thousand years in heaven; with Him, those exotic birds, and fresh fruits, in the restored garden paradise!

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