Providential Prodigy

By: Ely Lagajino

“Have no fear of sudden disaster…for the Lord will be your confidence” Proverbs 3:25, 26 (NIV)

“Please slow down, Sir,” I pleaded to our professor during our final exams in college. My classmates were smart and brilliant, and since I was a self-supporting student, I challenged myself to study really hard. 

 It all started on examination day, so I arrived at the assigned room prepared and on time. To my dismay, another class was inside.  It turned out that our professor came earlier than me, and they decided to transfer to a smaller place in favor of the larger class. 

 When I finally found my classroom, our professor was already dictating question number 10. I panicked! Finding him too fast, I pleaded, “Please slow down, sir.” But nobody else complained, so our professor continued with his steady speed. After the last question, our professor said, “for the sake of the latecomer, I will repeat questions one to 10.” It wasn’t easy remembering answers because I was rushing; I thought of giving up. After his last question, I got up and submitted my paper face down on the teacher’s table. 

On my way out, I wondered why some of my classmates apologized for the transfer of rooms and persuaded me to take the test. After all the advice and persuasion, our professor finally said, “Let’s respect Ely’s decision; you may now start answering the questions.” I was already outside when I heard it.

 “What!  I gasped. “So he was just reading the questions first before allowing us to answer them one by one.”  When our professor picked up my paper, his eyes widened to find it full of answers in contrast to what he thought—that I had walked out without answering anything. I left the room smiling yet bewildered.

Next meeting, the results showed me among the top three in the exam. Praise God, despite the miscommunication, He gave me a clear mind to answer the test. 

​​​​​​Revised from “Communication Gap”, Shine On for Jesus, May 5, 2017 by the same author

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