By: Ely Lagajino

…”How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” Romans 10:15 (ESV)

​After graduating from high school, I visited my relatives I had never met since birth. Their house was on the mountain side and I was happy to see my uncle and aunt.

​“Excuse me,” my uncle said, “while I call on your cousins so you can meet each other, too.” 

​My cousins were busy working in farms quite far from the house. I noticed my uncle pick up a 45-rpm record disc, where a single song was recorded. He played it on a battery-operated phonograph. There was a loud speaker tied to a bamboo pole at the rooftop and when the song started playing, he turned the pole southward. Then he got another record disc and played another song to the north, another song to the east and another to the west.

​“What’s that for, Uncle?” I asked.

​“It’s for calling your cousins. Each of them has his own theme song.

When I play it, the owner of the theme song comes running home,” my uncle continued turning the pole as he explained.

​I was amazed with his mode of communication during those days when cell phones and compact discs were not yet invented.

​“Do you have a theme song?” he asked.

​“Yes, Uncle. It’s found in this small Bible.” I sang the Shepherd’s Song in Psalm (23). But before I could finish the song, I saw tears in my uncle’s eyes. I stopped singing as he revealed that he was once an Adventist, but his children were not.

After a while my cousins arrived and it was a grand reunion. Before I left, I prayed for them and invited them to attend Sabbath services at a nearby Adventist church.

​Twenty years later, after the Sabbath baccalaureate worship service in our campus church, a jeepney load of visitors parked in front of our apartment. I was surprised to see my uncle and cousins, with their children, too, visiting and sharing the good news that they had all been baptized Adventists and have been actively attending church somewhere in Cavite. To God be the Glory!

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