By: Fritz Calago

Keep your tongue from evil, And your lips from speaking deceit.

Psalm 34:13 (NKJV)

​We are overwhelmed with the rise of fake news, misleading sources, satirical content, clickbait, and alternative facts. But to find out which, among the information, stories, and articles read and heard on social media and the web, one must analyze and critically evaluate may even create biases. When we come along information, it’s a must to check the validity and its credibility. To be prepared is to “think before you speak,” “say what you mean,” “stand behind your statements,” and “be responsible for them.” 

All the way back the before Christ era, Socrates developed a tool on how to filter information. This tool is done by questioning knowledge if it is accurate, fair, and useful. In society, it cannot be avoided to find individuals that will troll and bring misinformation. Understanding is key to discerning these people’s motives and not to tolerate and patronize them or share their posts. 

They probably want attention, so we must help them change their ways and rewire their minds. For one, I am a critic of mediocre news, and it’s bothering to get the story that is a mockup. However, with my simple capabilities, I’m trying to shed information that is correct and true. I will correct someone if the information shared is misleading or false.

As you can see, information validity really lies on the person who is reading it. It is up to them if they would accept or reject the information. Therefore, to those younger than me, I tell them to scrutinize each report, handle them as if they were a bag of the infected specimen, and be a light that bears truth and veracity to others whether younger or older. Keep not our minds reluctant. Be mindful, sensible, and find the internal ‘pause’ button before talking, acting, and thinking.

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