By: Pat De Vera II

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! Psalms 133:1 (ESV)

​On a clear blue sky day, Amie, Betty, Cherry, Danie, Emily, Frank, Gary, and Herbert, decided to go on a hike in a small valley near their school. Since they were graduating students with different hometowns, likes, dislikes, and age gaps, they were there to celebrate the friendship built on Christian virtues instilled by the school and the quirks and quills of being God’s learners for His vineyard. 

As they were climbing, they saw a bottle with a message in it. When the friends found a place to rest, they resorted to open it. The bottle had a cork inside, which made it very hard to open and remove. The friends had only food, money, and stories to tell. They had no gadget to open the bottle, making everyone more interested in opening it with whatever their hands could find. 

One by one, each used whatever they had to open the bottle to take out the cork inside it. However, each one failed in doing so. Everyone thought and thought about what to do next. Everyone paired up and took turns taking the cork out as pulling it with a watch, coin, or the likes of what they had. Soon they succeeded in pulling out the letter inside it. 

While doing these things, the friends talked about the future, uncertainties, capabilities, abilities, and friendship. United, they successfully got the cork out and named the group Corkscrew. This name strengthened their bond through the years, despite working in different institutions, different countries, and careers. Physical or virtual, their bond of friendship remains as useful and pleasant, united friends. 

Today, let us take the name of God as His Name unites friends, unrelated brothers, or sisters, of whatever circumstances, dwell in His goodness. 

*real characters exist, but names were opted to be discreet

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