Christmas Challenge 3

By: Ely Lagajino

But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. Hebrews 13:16

The generator rested on a shaded area close to the border of Philippine Union College-Naga View Campus (PUC-NVC). On my way to the place I crossed the creek, climbed one of the guava trees, and ate one for desert. I whispered a prayer; asked God to give me wisdom to solve the loose compression of the machine. The new piston and rings were supposed to perform in powerful combustion without dark smoke, but it never happened. 

Each round piston ring has two ends with a small gap near the head of the piston.  I positioned the ring’s end gap in a straight line, which caused the trouble. The engine oil found its way to burst into the straight canal which converted it into dark smoke.

I crossed the creek, overhauled the engine, moved the gapsinto a different location, and then reassembled. When I turned on the starter the machine successfully functioned this time without the smoke. When the speed increased, it maintainedgood performance. Finally, I turned off the engine and rested.

One by one, the watchers arrived with sad faces. I asked a volunteer to pull the starter. Surprise! The generator started with a smokeless exhaust. Upon turning to maximum power, sad faces brightened. 

“Praise God, it’s fixed.” I sighed; I advised them to allow the engine to run at minimum capacity for break-in. I assured them to feel free to call me when trouble would arise.

I returned to the motor pool and slept.  Suddenly a call woke me up. “Oh! It’s already seven o’clock in the morning, December 25”, I told myself. 

At the open gate, two lady KB officers serenaded me with Christmas carols.  “Merry Christmas”, they chorused as they handed me a basketful of food.

When they left, I went round the campus and found three working students-a cowboy and 2 guards.  I invited them and we ate the bountiful blessings, as we also shared fun stories of our experiences with Jesus in our lives.

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